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Customer Service: Cold Inbound Callers
Customer Service

Customer Service: Cold Inbound Callers

I didn’t know you hurt your toe…When it comes to customer service, it always starts with a willingness to be...
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Business Tax Deductions!

The Section 179 Deduction can help small and medium-sized businesses save big on their tax bills! The Section 179 deduction is a very valuable tax break for small and medium-sized businesses. This deduction allows business owners to deduct the full cost of large business expenses. Expenses like furniture, equipment, and machinery in one single tax season offer significant and more immediate financial relief on necessary expenditures.

Visit our Section 179 Deduction page for more information.

You can also refer visitors to these websites and generate a passive income! Click here to see “payout” information.

Business owners and investors can take advantage of our finance form to find out about loan options.  Small business owners can learn how to build a blog and use our SEO Tools to make their website stand out to the visitors. Grow a passive income empire using some of the affiliate tips to grow a passive income from their business.

Property Types Accepted: Multifamily, Single Family 1-4 Unit (Investor Only), Retail, Office, Warehouse, Light industrial, Self-storage, Automotive

When you need to free up cash so that you can continue to grow your business operations or commercial real estate  portfolio, you want immediate answers. 

Our free commercial finance quote form will allow you to submit your information to find out if you prequalify for a Complete Documentation, Lite Documentation or No Tax Return finance option.

Funded No Tax Return Deal
  • Flexibility on income verification
  • Flexibility on the terms (30-Year fixed available)
  • Higher LTVs available (up to 80%)
  • Alternative underwriting method for 1-4 unit transactions for easier approval 
  • Cash-Outs available 
  • Attractive hard money takeout solutions 

Good Reasons to Refinance Your Commercial Property

Do you have accrued equity in your commercial property? If so, it may be possible to pull out a portion of it as cash to be used for other purposes. Give your property a facelift, buy the equipment that can help you streamline the customer experience, pay for ventilation upgrades and other safeguards, purchase inventory or increase your payroll to attract new talent. Activities like the ones just mentioned will increase your revenue and in turn profits.

Remember, your refinance costs are tax deductible. When you refinance your loan, all the costs are deductible. Consider working with a lender that doesn’t charge any points. Additionally, your loan fees, any legal or title fees you pay and any recording fees or registration taxes that your city, county, or state charge can all be deducted. Though, you will need to divide these costs by the length of the land and write off a commensurate portion every year. For example, if your closing costs are $16,500 for a loan with a 10-year term, you’d be able to claim $1,650 a year in costs.

Passive Profit Centers

Forward thinking, business owners know they need to diversify their profit centers. Services and products that are reputable and have good customer service maybe worth consideration. There maybe some affiliate programs that may compliment a certain business model. The affiliate marketing method for generating passive income for both businesses and individuals.

You can find products and services that are “in-demand” and highly lucrative. For example, Bluehost is a very successful online webhosting company. Their affiliate program has a great payout and the company is well known. Influencers, bloggers, vloggers businesses with websites and social media accounts can post link with their own unique tracking ID that will send visitors to the Bluehost website. When someone decides to buy the service, the affiliate gets paid. Business and individuals can post their affiliate links any and everywhere to generate profit.

Website Tools

Get Free Traffic From Search Engines

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. A Strategy used by website owners to get more traffic by ranking higher in search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Search engine optimization isn’t about trying to trick google or gaming the system, but using keywords to describe the content on your company webpage.

The Small Business Resource Network has curated very helpful tools that can make your optimization journey easier and more effective.

The network is here for business owners. Feel free to use our tools and let us know what you think. Whether you’re looking for a cash-out, commercial refinance loan, a complimentary product or service to offer, or tips to harness the power of our SEO tools…you are in the right place.