The Good, The Bad & Ugly Credit

The Good

Great credit = Prime rates

We reward the exceptional with the exceptional! If you have great credit then we can certainly accommodate you with loan terms that will impress you. Interest rates start as low as 3.5% fixed for prime commercial properties.

The Bad Credit a.k.a Ugly Credit

We offer rates and terms for small-balance commercial transactions from $250,000 to $15,000,000 on commercial real estate including multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, light industrial, self-storage, automotive, mobile home park and warehouse property types.

We know that commercial properties considered small by their loan size often represent a big potential impact to business owners, investors, and communities. That’s why we address this under-served niche, bringing back smart, small-balance commercial loans.

Our lenders are prepared to help you with a history of over 35,000 closed and funded transactions we understand how to get your transaction processed and funded.

Under our No Tax Return/No 4506T Finance Program we can provide terms for up $2 million. Because we offer non-bank lending terms and rates, which means no depository relationships are required.

Our common-sense approach, clear communication, and client-friendly process define the customer experience. Our programs are available nationwide through our network.

Together with our partners, we help small-business owners and investors finance the opportunities that drive the financial strength and quality of life in their communities.