With monthly fees starting at 1.25% of the original funding amount, get financing* that works for your business. Find out how you can get a new iPhone X…keep reading.

Whether you’re launching a new product, buying new equipment, or expanding operations, let us help you do great things with the Preferred Rate Loan*. With monthly fees starting at 1.25% of the original funding amount, qualified borrowers can get more loan for less money.

*The Preferred Rate Loan requires a personal FICO of 660 or higher and being in business for more than four years, as well as other eligibility criteria. Financing on the Preferred Rate Loan is available from $25,000-$100,000 for terms of nine to 18 months for Qualified Businesses. The Network offers additional products, including business loan, business line of credit and Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). Financing is available up to $500,000 for these products.

Benefits of the Preferred Rate Loan


Our low-cost loans allow you to grow your business, not your debt.


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Get approval in just a few hours and funding in as fast as one day.


No surprises – we lead you every step of the way.

How the Business Loan Works


You just came up with the prototype for a game-changing product. Now all you need is the capital to launch it, to the tune of $80,000.

How it works:
$80,000 x 1.25% x 12 months

Cost of funding:
$12,000 or $47.62/day for 252 business days

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