We’ll keep your efforts to a minimum!

Gathering your documentation to validate your request may be one of the most consuming aspects of applying for a traditional bank loan.

No Paperwork Until You Know What to Expect

The cash flow analysis check will give us enough information about your company’s  financial state to give you preliminary rates and terms. If you pass the analysis, you’re in a great position to be approved for the SBA guaranteed loan by a real bank with the terms we’ll show you!

Initial Required Documents (after the analysis)

  • Eligibility Questionaire (online form)
  • 3 years Business and Personal tax returns
  • Profit & Loss Statement with 12-month trailer
  • Balance Sheet dated for the end of the last fiscal quarter
  • Monthly debt schedule
  • Business Bank Statements (3 months)
  • Personal Financial Statement

You’ll upload these documents into our interface and you’re done!!!

Get started by seeing if you’ll pass the analysis and get a discount on loan costs in the process.