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Discover how easy it is to secure an affordable Non-Bank Commercial Loan 

Our advocacy-driven approach to small balance commercial loans means peace of mind for every customer. We have your back with our low rate commercial property offers which means, if there’s a better deal, you’ll see options that reflect the best deal. Refinance or purchase a property today and increase your assets. 

Premium Non-Bank Commercial Features

No tax returns required on investor or owner-occupied transactions

Our User’s get an average of 3-5 offers to select from and receive access to their funds much faster

Premium Non-Bank Commercial Features

No tax returns required on investor or owner-occupied transactions

Our User’s get an average of 3-5 offers to select from and receive access to their funds much faster

Easily Access the Funds You Need

Get an affordable commercial property loan without a tax return with funding in less than 30 days. You’ll be able to get fully submitted, qualified, approved and funded in less than time.

Unlimited "Cash-out" Refinance

Utilize the funds for virtually any business endeavor with no restrictions. Effectively manage your expenses, advertise or expand to new locations; the possibilities are endless.

Compare multiple quotes from direct lenders

Experience the flexibility of working with lenders that make decisions “in-house” without the need for loan committees and excessive “red tape.”

No tax returns required

You’ll be able to use just one Online submission and get multiple offers that can be viewed on any device. Our lenders use a common sense approach to underwriting your transaction. 

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Non-Bank Loan Funding Process 60%

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Testimonial on a Cash-out Refinance

  • No lender origination fees
  • Secure Online interface...access the information from any device
  • Unlimited "Cash-out" for any legal purpose

Data is transmitted via AES 256 SSL encryption.

Questions? Call 800-557-2750…we’re here to help make your submission process go smoothly.

Who Needs Reduced Documentation Options?


Best for investors who may not be able to disclose certain financial information or whose properties are more valuable than a tax return might show. 

stated owner occupied

Best for owner-occupied transactions where the business owner has difficulty documenting their income for traditional lenders.

bank statement program

Best for business owners who prefer to prove their income by providing 12 consecutive months of business bank statements instead of tax returns.

Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Self Storage, Restaurant, Daycare Center

Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance

  • Prepayment – 5% for 5 yrs, 5% for 3 yrs, Declining (5,4,3,2,1)
  • Occupancy – Investor and Owner-Occupied
  • Borrower – US Citizens. Permanent Resident Alien, Legal Entities

For Stated and Owner-Occupied Program: Guarantor(s) are not required to provide personal and business tax returns to qualify for this program. Guarantor(s) may be eligible for a different program with more favorable terms if verifiable documentation such as personal or business tax returns are provided.

Frequently asked questions

The Small Business Resource Network is a network of lenders and other business professionals that uses technology that quickly connects small businesses with capital. Our platform reviews data generated by dozens of business operations to automatically understand business performance and deliver fast, flexible funding offers entirely online.

When we asked, most business owners shared that access to capital is the single biggest obstacle to growing their businesses. With more cash flow, these businesses can hire new employees, purchase more inventory, upgrade equipment and boost their marketing efforts. This makes them more profitable.

Additionally, we provide the terms of multiple lenders, why apply company by company and waste time. Let us help.

You can email us at; call us at 800-557-2750 ; or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn

The Small Business Resource Network is not a lender. We’ve created a simple way to review and decision applicants quickly for funding based on the information provided. The lenders in our network have provided billions of dollars to small businesses over many years.

In most cases, clients can access their funds as little as 2 weeks to 45 days.

Why take the slow route and go company by company for the best terms? Let us show you multiple offers from just one simple Online submission.

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