Getting funded is by far the best part of the whole process!

We’ve witnessed clients that have trusted us to help them with the process breathe a sigh of relief once the funds hit their business accounts.

Every funding feels good to us, but clients that thought these loans were out of reach are very important to us. Why, because they’ve come to us disappointed in other lenders for the way they have been treated during the process (their emails being ignored, the poor choice of words used on them when an obstacle is presented, etc…). 

We treat everyone with dignity and respect no matter the obstacle, no matter the outcome!

A Completed Application

Once your application is complete and the final approval is issued, the funds are deposited into your designated business bank account. This process takes about 24 hours.

Don’t wait for a “no” when we can guide you to your “yes.”

SBA Lenders have to make certain you can service the debt comfortably so they do a cash flow analysis on your company. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you meet the requirements before you apply? Of course.

Checking your cash flow with us is fast and easy and doesn’t require a social security number, or federal tax id number. Simply select the tax form your company filed and answer a few short questions.

Get started by seeing if you’ll pass the analysis and get a discount on loan costs in the process.