We have a new conventional loan for business owners that own their commercial property.

  • Interest from 5.50%
  • Loan Amounts: $150,000 and up
  • Fully Amortized
  • Required Credit 650+

Now small business owners have a new program that they can depend for their finance needs.  Whether you need to refinance to avoid a balloon payment or you need to draw some cash out of your commercial property…we can help.

Our Network of lending professionals are direct lenders that are willing to review your transaction for free and provide you with intelligent terms in a fluctuating economy.

What About Rate Increase Projections?

You need a funding program that will offer you the very best protection from rate fluctuations. With this new conventional loan program, you’ll start off with a 5-year fixed. At the end of the 5-year period, you’ll refinance the balloon payment (10-year balloon) into another 5-year fixed loan. You’ll only face one rate fluctuation over the next 10 years.